Goodburn is the European agent for H Cross & Co. Based in Newark, New Jersey, H Cross is the world leader in the manufacture of high precision rolled materials. They have a vast experience in the processing of refractory metals and can work to the highest of tolerances, for example foils can be produced with variations in thickness of less than ▒ 1.25Ám or ▒0.00005".  In addition H Cross have drawing, slitting, annealing, heat treating and electro-polishing facilities.


High precision rolling of Rhenium tape
Rolling Rhenium tape


High precision rolling of Copper tape
Rolling Copper tape

A sheet with a thickness of less than 0.125mm (0.005") is usually referred to as a foil. A strip of less than 6mm (0.25") width is known as a tape or ribbon.

Foils can be turned into tapes either by slitting or by rolling. Slit tapes or ribbons are produced from sheet or foil of the desired finished thickness. The end product has square edges and the length is limited by the starting size of the sheet or foil. Rolled tapes are produced from wire of a suitable diameter that is flattened to produce the desired thickness and width. The end product has rounded edges, is generally available in much longer lengths than with slitting and can be made to a higher tolerance.

Tape, foil and sheet are available in widths up to 50mm and thicknesses down to 0.0075mm in all of the materials listed here, and many more.



Round material below 1.5mm (0.060") diameter is generally referred to as wire. Above this it is rod. H Cross can draw wire in a wide range of materials to very close tolerances. Materials such as Tungsten work harden as they are drawn so careful annealling is required at each stage of the process.

Annealing material prior to rolling into tape or foil
Heat treatment furnace

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