IDAS Industrial Data Acquisition Software                                 

  Sigma and IMPS Compatible                                                             Note : demos are powerpoint files and may take some time to download

By using the appropriate driver, iDAS can be used with both Sigma and IMPS data acquisition modules to monitor, log and display data from a wide variety of sensors. iDAS will automatically locate the different modules on a network and will support the configuration of inputs and outputs within the software.

The iDAS trending display provides a powerful means of displaying, evaluating and selecting data for further processing.
Data is displayed in real-time or replayed directly from existing log files and a number of separate trends can be displayed on the screen at the same time. Data can be isolated for further analysis or export to other packages using single click pan and zoom operations. The axes can be labelled and the screen printed for reporting purposes.

Alarm Processing

The software include advanced alarm processing. Each channel can be given a high and low event alarm, with programmable hysteresis, delays, priority level and display text. Alarms can be linked to a common output channel for annunciation purposes. Multimedia annunciation is supported, allowing alarms to be communicated using e-mail, pagers, mobile SMS or other electronic means. An alarm log records all the alarms triggered.


Screen shot of data trend graph


Screen shot of real-time calcuator channel

Real-time Calculator

Data can be calculated directly from the signal inputs using the real-time calculator. The calculator has built-in constants and statistical, trigonometric and logarithmic functions. It will also support steam table calculations. Calculations can be cascaded together to form complex logical sequences and the output can be logged, displayed, animated or alarm processed.

Data Export

iDAS can export data from log files to standard spreadsheet applications (i.e Excel) for reporting purposes.

Microsoft platform support

iDAS is optimised to use the powerful real-time multi-tasking features of Windows 32-bit platforms. The fully implemented client/server architecture provides the means by which data displays and control can be distributed over a standard network iDAS Server and iDAS Client will run on Windows NT 4.0, 2000, XP and Vista. The system requires a Server licence as a minimum and additional Client licences can be purchased as required. iDAS Server can be set up as an embedded service to start automatically with no operator interaction. iDAS Client allows the operator to configure and monitor the system locally or over a LAN/WAN


iDAS uses industry standard open connectivity systems. iDAS comes with an OPC (OLE for process control) client as standard, allowing data to be acquired from 3rd party OPC systems. The optional iDAS OPC server allows 3rd party applications to connect to iDAS data directly. iDAS is OPC Data Access 1.0a and 2.0 compliant. The optional ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) driver allows users to import/export configuration and real-time data from iDAS to standard databases such as Access, Oracle or SQL. iDAS also includes a DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) server. This allows the transfer of data between Microsoft Win 32 applications.

Internet Support

iDAS trends, alarm and channel monitors can be hosted within Internet Explorer (Version 4 and above). This allows operators to use the web to monitor real-time and historical data from an internet connection. The data server must have iDAS Internet Server installed and the client machine must have iDAS Internet Client which is distributed free of charge.