3595-4U IMP - USB INTERFACE        

The 3595-4U interface replaces the 3595-4B and 3595-4C interface cards that were needed to allow an IMP SNET network to communicate with a host PC. The 3595-4U communicates via the PCs USB interface.

This means that, for the first time, IMPs can be interfaced with a laptop rather than a desktop computer, opening up a wide range of additional applications.

The 3595-4U will function only with our IDAS software and device drivers.

All communication and power connections are made via standard plugs and sockets on the front and rear panels of the 3595-4U unit.

SNET - USB interface for solartron IMPS


Front panel of USB interface for IMPS


Rear panel of USB interface for IMPS


The 3595-4U interface operates from a 12-24Vdc power supply via the rear panel mounted 9 pin D subminiature plug. When driven from this supply, the interface unit can supply up to 25 IMPs on an SNET network depending on cable type and overall network length. If more IMPs, or a longer network is required an external power supply of 48Vdc should be connected. Operation is automatically switched to the external supply when a voltage over 43V is applied to the external power plug on the Interface

In order to avoid signal reflections, a network terminator is required at both ends of the SNET network. There is a built in terminator in the 3595-4U interface and two terminators are supplied with the unit.

The 3595-4U interface functions with our IDAS data acquisition software, using the existing IMP device driver. IDAS runs under Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 operating systems.